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Posted on Wed 25 August 2021 in misc

I am usually late to proverbial parties, but I think I’ve outdone myself by discovering the computer game Kerbal Space Program roughly 10 years after it first became playable. It’s the kind of game that triggers my “I’ll optimize this by writing a script”, so here are a few of the tools I wrote, or interesting tools I found online:

And some random notes:

  • When launching from KSC to rendez-vous with something in orbit at 100km altitude: launch when the target is 26º before the KSC position (viewable as Phase Angle).

  • When starting from a 100km circular orbit around Kerbin, a deorbit burn down to Pe=40km will touch down 152º later. Craft consists of:

  • For interplanetary travel, you need ~930m/s of Δv to leave Kerbin SoI starting from a 100kmASL orbit, and up to an additional 1000m/s to reach other planets. Design for a high enough TWR to do this in a reasonable time. Multi-impulse departures are possible: as long as the apoapsis is < 8.9MmASL (9.5Mm), the Mun will not alter your orbit. The below table tries to keep burns <2 minutes until we cross the orbit of the Mun.

    TWR [GKerbin] Burns for escape Burns for 2100m/s
    1.79 53s 120s
    1.5 63s 56s + 87s
    1.0 95s 84s + 130s
    0.75 111s + 15s 111s + 174s
    0.696 120s + 16s 120s + 186s
    0.5 120s + 47s + 23s 120s + 47s + 261s
    0.25 2×120s + 94s + 45s 2×120s + 94s + 522s
    0.1 6×120s + 115s + 113s 6×120s + 115s + 1305s