Kerbal Space Program Grand Tour

Posted on Wed 05 July 2023 in games

I wanted a challenge, so I decided to try a "Grand Tour" of the Kerbolar system in Kerbal Space Program. A "Grand Tour" is a single mission where you visit all bodies in the Kerbolar system. The definition of "visit" varies from fly-by to manned landing, depending on how challenging …

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Flight Simulator bush trips

Posted on Mon 12 June 2023 in games

Microsoft Flight Simulator provides "bush trips": a set of VFR flights across an area with nice scenery. When flying these bush trips, you have to rely on the description only, as no navigation aids are available. To me, as a non-native speaker, the descriptions aren't always very clear.

So I …

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Surviving Mars

Posted on Mon 11 April 2022 in games

I discovered another game that gives me an excuse to write silly calculator modules: Surviving Mars. Some random notes and a few tools I wrote, or interesting tools I found online:

Kerbal Space Program

Posted on Wed 25 August 2021 in games

I am usually late to proverbial parties, but I think I’ve outdone myself by discovering the computer game Kerbal Space Program roughly 10 years after it first became playable. It’s the kind of game that triggers my “I’ll optimize this by writing a script”, so here are …

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