Flight Simulator bush trips

Posted on Mon 12 June 2023 in games

Microsoft Flight Simulator provides "bush trips": a set of VFR flights across an area with nice scenery. When flying these bush trips, you have to rely on the description only, as no navigation aids are available. To me, as a non-native speaker, the descriptions aren't always very clear.

So I decided to prepare each flight a bit better by having a SkyVector map ready. This allows me to cross-reference landmarks to reconcile my current position on the map.

Alaska bush trip: Unalaska to Kulik Lake

This trip takes you along the Alaska islands in an XCub. These hops are based on the Google Earth path by Thadius856.

  1. Tom Madsen (Dutch Harbor) Airport, PADU – Akutan Airport, PAUT
  2. Akutan Airport, PAUT – Cape Sarichef Airport, PACS
  3. Cape Sarichef Airport, PACS – False Pass Airport, PAKF
  4. False Pass Airport, PAKF – Cold Bay Airport, PACD
  5. Cold Bay Airport, PACD – Nelson Lagoon Airport, PAOU
  6. Nelson Lagoon Airport, PAOU – Perryville Airport, PAPE
  7. Perryville Airport, PAPE – Chignik Lake Airport, A79
  8. Chignik Lake Airport, A79 – Port Heiden Airport, PAPH
  9. Port Heiden Airport, PAPH – Pilot Point Airport, PAPN
  10. Pilot Point Airport, PAPN – Egegik Airport, PAII
  11. Egegik Airport, PAII – King Salmon Airport, PAKN
  12. King Salmon Airport, PAKN – Kulik Lake Airport, PAKL