Configuring WLED to wipe-on the LEDs on startup

Posted on Wed 22 November 2023 in electronics

WLED is an open source project for controlling LED-strips. I wanted my LED strip to "wipe on" when powering on, similar to the first half of the "Wipe" effect, but staying on after that. These are my notes.

Searching around for similar idea's, I found a usermod for a stairway …

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Specs of the SK6812 LED strip

Posted on Thu 31 August 2023 in electronics

I was considering a SK6812 strip for a project of mine, but I found it very hard to find information online about the power consumption. So I ordered a test strip to do the measurements myself. The SK6812 is an individually addressable LED strip. I got the RGBW variant, where …

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