Podman on ZFS

Posted on Wed 03 January 2024 in linux

When running rootless podman on a ZFS mount, it defaults to the vfs storage driver. And while this works, it causes a huge waste of disk space by duplicating files for every layer. Using overlay solves this when running rootfull, but this is currently not supported on ZFS. It should …

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In Search for a new Monitoring Solution

Posted on Sat 07 January 2023 in linux

I'm currently running all of my monitoring through Prometheus, backed with InfluxDB for the long-term storage of selected metrics. But recently, I've been limited in functionality when creating graphs in Grafana. And although I like Prometheus, it looks like my use-case is outside the domain of Prometheus.

Use Case

I …

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Rootless podman on Debian Bullseye

Posted on Tue 03 January 2023 in linux

My home server already uses LXC-containers. I use them to keep services isolated, so that I can upgrade my mail server without causing issues to my Nextcloud setup. But these containers contain a full OS inside them. And while this works, it's a bit of work to upgrade a handful …

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Raspberry pi 4 as broadband router

Posted on Fri 21 February 2020 in linux

A few years ago, I already considered using a Raspberry Pi as a broadband router. Back then, its first generation wasn't fast enough. This changed with the 4th generation of the Raspberry pi.

The test setup was similar to the setup I use previously:

  • Two beefy laptops on the ends …

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